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Letter and Logos

Metal Exterior: Flat Cut Metal, Cast Metal, Fabricated Metal
Metal Interior: GemLeaf Laminate, Metal Face on Acrylic, Metal or Acrulic Face on Foam
Plastic: Laser Cut Acrylic, Formed Plastic, Injection Molded Plastic

Iluminated Letters and Logos

Metal: Fabricated Halo Lit, Fabricated Face Lit, Fabricated Mini Face / Halo Lit, Cast Halo Lit
Machined Acrylic: Precision Machined Acrylic
Gemlite 2.0 Plastic: GemLite 2.0, Faux Neon, Gemini Lighting Package

Light Boxes

We offer acrylic face or fabric face (SEG) Light Box displays. These displays consist of aluminum metal frames that house bright LED light strips which illumintate the graphics from behind. Light boxes come large and small for indoors or outdoor installations. Need a permenant fixture but with exchangable graphics? No problem, both fabric SEG and our acrylic light boxes can be printed on easy to swap out fabric and film materials!

Plaques and Plates

Cast & Precision Tooled
Etched, Thin Gauge Etched
ADA Compliant Plaques, UV Printed Wayfinding
Commercial, Decorative & Promotional

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are the industry standard for quick but quality outdoor and indoor letter signage. Just take a walk down any storefront street and you are bound to see several Channel Letter signs. Made by machine milling letters from acrylic or aluminum and then siding with plastic or aluminum, we offer an array of customizable sizes, colors and materials including backlight letters.