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3D Printing

Thinking in 3-D

Two Point Eight partners with our sister company The Factory NYC to produce Large and Small Scale 3-D Printing. Whether it is a digital design or a 3-D scan of an object, we can print at huge scales with rapid speeds utilizing our 3-D proprietary UV-cured acrylic polymer system. Rapid: 100x faster than typical 3-D printing

  • Quality: Medium/High-resolution
  • Precision: Create your exact design in physical space, with 1/16″ precision
  • Size: Monumental — massive print volume (57” x 44” x 70″) can be used to manufacture forms at any size sculpture. By printing sculptures in multiple sections with interlocking joints, we can assemble even room-sized sculptures and beyond.
  • Cost: Affordable, less expensive than other sculpting processes
  • Lead-time: Can perform rush and standard turnarounds. If you are considering producing a sculptural form, reach out to us early in your project’s development to schedule usage.​
  • Delivery: ship sculptures anywhere, pre-assembled or assemble on-site.

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Big Print Energy

The Factory NYC is the only event fabricator in NYC with a large-format 3-D-printer — and its up to a 100x times faster than typical 3-D Printing; and there is no size limit. We can print and assemble hundreds of parts to build forms at colossal scales.


Adding sculpture to your next event is easy. You don’t need 3-D modelers on your team — we have you covered. The only requirement is bring your vision with a budget. We can accommodate your design concept for most situations:

  • If you have a 3-D model, that’s great, we can work with most formats
  • If you don’t have a 3-D model, we have a 3-D modeling team.
  • If you have a small physical model — we can 3-D scan it.

Even if you just have a 2-D logo or design on pen and paper. We can create a digital model from scratch, and/or use 3-D models from open source libraries. There are many ways to get started.

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